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Design Sprint

:: a 1 Day Workshop ::

Optimistic Labs team meets with client on-site for a deep dive into community building and long term experience design strategy. OL provides a road map including opportunity analysis and a high-level logic model related to the prioritized client Community Experiences and sales goals.


Strategy Lab Services

:: 3-6 months ::

OL contracted for a set period of time (generally 3 - 6 mo), to provide ongoing consultation design and development support of prioritized client Experiences and Products and related resource needs, including strategic advice and support related to general program design, program implementation and product design.


Flagship Blueprint

:: Custom Timeline; time needed to create a BluePrint for client FlagShip Experiences ::

OL supports at a high level to create and implement the uniquely branded client flagship experience. OL provides a framework to create desired outcomes, supports throughout process of designing and executing first event, and produces a manual blueprint for client to continue operating going forward.



:: Hotels; Custom ::

Optimistic Labs brand and programming pop-up, during a peak time that is integrated into the hotel's offering as a featured experience.

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Co-Branded Hosted Weekend

:: 3 days ::

Creating a big experiential weekend side by side with the property/resort, co-branding the experience, programming, vision, guests, and companies.


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