My Q1 (L)earnings Report (January - March, 2019)

Part One: What are the top three to five key lessons I learned over the past three months?

  1.  Entrepreneurship is an exercise in managing emotion as much as it is an exercise in managing execution.

  2. Don’t think about the the people who I thought I would hear from who do not maintain contact. Focus on (and appreciate) the unexpected allies who show up in important ways.

  3. Listen carefully to lots of different perspectives, but don’t be afraid to trust my instincts. And make sure to communicate my “why” as much as my “what.”

  4. Things take time, and no amount of willpower can make certain things happen. Demonstrate persistence and patience.

  5. Writing and distributing a weekly newsletter is really damn hard. 

Part Two: What key sources of knowledge were new or particularly useful over the past three months?

  1. People. The more I ask for advice, the more I learn from “lived” experiences. Also, simply asking others about THEIR sources of knowledge has been super helpful. Remember to ask questions like, “who do you follow?” and “what do you listen to and read?”

  2. LinkedIn. Since I removed Facebook and Instagram from my phone, my only mobile social media network is LinkedIn. Why? Because the insights I gain from my online business network are priceless.

  3. Social Science Research Network (SSRN). The website is a treasure trove of insights, particularly as I develop concepts for the podcast I want to create and the book I plan to write.

Part Three:  What are the key areas of knowledge and experience I want to grow in the coming months?

  1. What are the best ways to grow my email list? How can I leverage social media to share my ideas and work with the Optimistic Labs community?

  2. How can I create and market the Applied Optimism podcast?

  3. What are the best ways to gain additional skills and training in the area of facilitation and coaching?

  4. How can I learn about and engage with faith-based leadership initiatives in the Christian and Muslim communities?

Part Four:  What one or two specific activities will help me achieve the priorities identified above?

  1. Ask my network for specific and actionable ways to achieve my goals.

  2.  Be brave in reaching out to experts I admire but don’t know.

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